I’m Harry

An entrepreneur, meat trader, food innovator and protein lover who helps make your production facility run smoothly.


I was born and raised in the Austrian countryside with endless emerald forests, sapphire rivers, and my shorts pockets full of golden dreams.


Today, I am overjoyed to put food on the table for 5000 people every single day.

the truck has arrived –

help us unload the truck and clean the red E2 boxes and pallets

That’s what my dad would scream from across the yard every time a truck came in.

When I was a young kid with a front tooth gap, a booming laugh and unsatisfiable curiosity – I used to run errands at the smokehouse in my dirty jeans on our butcher’s farm in the cold countryside in Austria.

No lazy TV afternoons – just a lot of grit, hard work, and smoked meat. But I absolutely loved it. 

As a meat supplier, my job is to bring a little bit of nutrition from the countryside to the families around the world. Want to know more about the path that led me to Harry Food?

Read the rest of my story here.

Now it’s about you!

Come on a wonderful adventure

My warehouses and facilities are yours to visit, but I think your trip should show you how we work in every sense.

I love to build real relationships! Many of the people we serve come on exciting bike trips in the mountains or ice adventures in Dachstein with me.

Conquering new challenges with the right people on your side is the best. ‘Cause then you know what to expect, right? 


“Germany is closed
for China

You get the phone call, the news hits, and your palms get sweaty.

“Live in the present, but always have an eye on the future.”

– Harry

At a time of massive uncertainty and socio-economic shifts, how do you keep the business going without losing all your hair?
Keep your production line active and your supplies steady with Harry Food, so you can really enjoy time with your family.

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