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  • "It's always been a struggle to solve claims with other partners, but Harry has been ah-mazing to work with and finding win-wins under super difficult market conditions"

    Rene Engler

    Rene Engler

    Founder | Carnatrade AG Switzerland | Premium Trader

  • It does not matter whether there's snow, rain or too much traffic - the trucks arrive on time at our facilities. The production can flow like an oiled machinery. Thank you - Harry

    Tomas Lesa

    Tomas Lesa

    Head of Purchase | Krasno | Top 3 producer in Czech Republic

Fully close supply gaps on-time.

  • ico From the farm.
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  • ico On your terms.

Raw materials from a top meat distributor. 

“Harry, I need a full truck next Wednesday, plus also send me… ”


Message from a real client of more than 20 years.

Contact HarryFood now to get urgent deliveries, larger orders, and anything you need to keep the production flow.


Never stop production and never lose money to an idle deboning line.

You order. We deliver. On time. Every time. Guaranteed. So that your supermarket clients end up smiling, just like Harry!

5000 smiles, everyday.

Becoming a top wholesale meat distributor and nourishing families around the globe for a quarter of a century.

That’s been Harry’s calling his entire life, and today, he’s happy to share it with more clients than ever before.

We love our planet, so we care.

All countries have limited resources – such as land, water and vegetation. This makes it difficult to produce enough meat to meet consumer’s growing demands and preserve our natural resources. To counter this, it’s best to source quality products from a reliable meat distribution company.

“My vision is a world where people

share good food with a smile.

I embrace my signature tooth gap. 

You don’t have to do the same for the gap in your protein supply.